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Pulling Me In – Part 1: Backstory and Birthright

This will be the first of a series of posts regarding me dipping my toes back into the waters of comics.

Despite loving the characters and cartoons of things like Superman, Batman, and Justice League, I didn’t really get into comics as a kid.  When I got to college, a couple of my roommates/close friends (Samuel and Kevin) were into them and piqued my interest.  I read an assortment of things, of which I probably most enjoyed Daredevil (a little before and after the Bendis era, if I recall correctly) and quite a bit of the Blackest Night event at DC.

After a while, life got in the way a bit, and I haven’t been reading nearly as many comics as before.  The only series I kept up with was sporadically borrowing and reading through Eric Powell’s very unique The Goon, which Samuel keeps up with.  From time to time, my friends tried to convince me to jump back in when our hangouts would lead us to our local comic shop, but I  shied away due to the time and money factors. I was content to browse through the shop’s board games and tabletop RPG items and look and talk about what my friends were getting.

However, in a recent excursion, Kevin was picking up the latest issue of Birthright, from the creative team of writer/creator Joshua Williamson, creator/artist Andrei Bressan, and artist Adriano Lucas.  His description of the story sounded very intriguing, and after seeing the first trade paperback was heavily discounted on Amazon, I decided to check it out.

Birthright, from Image Comics’ Skybound imprint, feels like a very unique and fresh take on familiar themes.  We have our young child protagonist, destined to be a hero and free the land from evil, whisked away from Earth to the fantasy world of Terrenos. But unlike the classic The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe scenario when our heroes age years in Narnia to return to Earth having not really aged or had any time lapse at all, Birthright‘s Mikey has been missing for about a year.  His parents and older brother are still trying to make their way in the aftermath of his disappearance.  And when Mikey returns from Terrenos, he has aged years into manhood.

That is just the beginning.  Many other themes and tropes of fantasy are tackled and/or flipped on their heads, and Williamson, Bressan, and Lucas do a great job of switching between the present day story on Earth and the flashbacks to Mikey’s past on Terrenos.  If you love the fantasy genre, there is plenty for you here. I highly recommend taking a look at the series.

If you hadn’t already guessed by my feelings on Birthright, my friends were finally successful in pulling me back in and convincing me to start my own pull list at our local store.

I decided to try a few ongoing series and through research, deliberation, and probably far too many annoying questions to my friends (particularly Kevin, who as a note, is part of some great content over at https://rcrreview.com/), I made some choices.  I settled on Birthright, Marvel’s Daredevil (since I enjoyed his character and book so much before), and Justice League to see what was going on with some of my favorites from DC.

In the subsequent posts, I will be giving updates on what I’m thinking about the various series and if I drop any of these or add others. The next two entries will focus on my thoughts with Daredevil and Justice League, so stay tuned.